Champion Car Company


The main reasons for opening Champion Car Company are the passion for anything with a motor, the enjoyment of satisfied customers, and a vision to change the way car buying is perceived.

There are many things missing in most dealerships. One being the lack of passion and knowledge for cars. Here at Champion Car Company you have to be a car lover to work here.

I think that’s why so many people enjoy working with us because we love what we do. We are happy, knowledgeable, and we care.

Another reason why we are different and people love coming in is the type of inventory that we have. If it’s not a loaded model, lifted, fast, or rare, it was probably a trade in. Nothing wrong with any other cars but it’s impossible to truly know everything about every car.

As the owner of Champion Car Company I am committed to ensure you have the absolute best car buying experience ever!

Champion Car Company

“Car Enthusiast helping car buyers”

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