Jason Radle

Jason Radle is the owner and operator of Champion Car Company.

Along with overseeing the operations of the company, Jason appraises all of our inventory we purchase.

He makes sure that we are paying the correct price so we can ensure that there is enough money left for any reconditioning necessary. If it needs done, we do it. Out of the 50+ vehicles he evaluates a day we only end up getting a few.

We all know vehicle shopping is not fun. No one likes the back and forth negotiating. Here at Champion Car Company we don’t like it either. Jason along with the Inventory Manager James, they research the market and are committed to providing the best price first that is fair market value.

Jessica Radle

Jessica Radle is the wife of Jason Radle and is the glue behind Champion Car Company. She has many jobs including buying inventory, DMV, paperwork, HR, payroll, shipping, accounting, making amazing brownies, and the list goes on.

If it wasn’t for her there would be no vehicles, really. Jessica is the one who buys all the inventory for Champion Car Company. Did you see the cars, trucks, and SUV’s we have? I’d say she’s pretty good!

You can thank Jessica for this next one. When you buy from us and you live in North Carolina she deals with the DMV for you. That’s right, you don’t have to go there. She will get your license plate for you.

For the past nearly 8 years Jessica Radle has stood behind Champion Car Company as the owner and is dedicated in providing the smoothest transaction process out there.

Matt Biro

The infamous Matt Biro! Yes, the one and only, 5 star, customer satisfying, best customer experience Matt Biro. After reading our Google reviews you will understand.

If you are looking for a vehicle at Champion Car Company at some point you will have an opportunity to work with Matt.

Matt has been a great addition to our team over the past 2 years. He is exactly what we stand for at Champion. To ensure you have the best car buying experience.

Can’t forget Mario Kart enthusiast – Toad, Here we go!

Travis Knowles

Travis Knowles is our newest member of Champion Car Company and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board. He is apart of our growing Sales Professional team. He is a very committed company man who’s main goal is to ensure our customers leaves happy.


Travis’s bio is on its way!

James Edwards

Behind the scenes, hiding in plain sight, you might not ever see him but he’s the one that makes the inventory reconditioning process work.

James ensures our customers are getting the best vehicle possible. He is in charge of reconditioning, pricing, photography, and some of our videography.

Let’s talk about the photos and videos. Wow. Most vehicles have 70+ pictures and a walk around video. Champion sells cars all over the world and James wants to make sure that you feel comfortable about your purchase. Most people don’t even see the car before they purchase.

James Edwards has been a great fit for Champion Car Company. Going on his second year with us he has developed the same mindset. A passion for cars, trucks, and SUV’s and wants to make sure our customers get the best vehicles for the best prices.


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